4-Letter Words 

Almost as soon as English spelling was standardized, there were efforts to reform it. Largely because of its ability to absorb words from other languages, it is difficult to formulate rules for pronouncing any given combination of letters. So let's celebrate the weirdness! 14 four-letter words are bisected to challenge  your perceptions. Printed in wood type with linoleum cuts in color and bound in boards with a printed dust jacket. 

An edition of 36; 36 pp. 4-3/4 x 7--1/4 inches.

2015   $100.


A series of related short poems by Barbara Henry integrated into visual compositions of abstract forms printed in shades of blue onto Sakamoto paper. Bound in boards in a concertina structure by Barbara Mauriello, with a printed dust jacket. An edition of 14; 24 pages. 9 inches x 12 inches.

2015    $750.

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